Friday, February 17, 2012

Sooo busy!!! >.<-

Sorry, I've been busy, and I'm trying to get time for this. But, since then, I've been reading most of Elizabeth Lowell and Diana Palmer's books. They're so good!

by Elizabeth Lowell:
Only series (recommended)
Untamed, Enchanted, and Forbidden (in that order and recommended)
The Gem Series (it's okay, but not so cool)
Several other murder mysteries with sex scenes (interesting, but a little boring too. Uneventful.)

by Diana Palmer:
Jacobsville Series (RECOMMENDED!!!!!!!!!!!! It holds probably ten)
Several other romance books (recommended too!)

Friday, August 26, 2011

I go to school in STYLE.

When I was shopping my clothes for the school year, I told my mom that I don't want any pants or whatsover. I wanted all to be dresses.

And I brought several dresses. I made sure that my New Year's Resoultion is that I'll wear all dresses during whole school year. But, sadly, I failed that resoultion on the first day of the school.


Midnight in the Ruby Bayou by Elizabeth Lowell

WARNING! SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't read Midnight in Ruby Bayou, then you're reading this at a risk.

The cover: That's soooo romantic!! Reddish tint, marsh areas with a large oak (or a weepy willow?) tree. WHOOOOOA. When I first saw it, I thought, "Damn, I'm going to ENJOY it."
And...News flash of the day? I did. :)

The Story: Tad boring in the begninng, but I endured it to reach the most fun of all--the chase and the "awakening of their love for each other" (this wasn't in the book, I just added the quotes to say that ROFL)
But I feel especially sorry for Tiga, who was raped by her own father and bore a daughter. She became insane when she got raped by him. And the guy--he's soooo perverted. He liked the girls when they were "budding," like the book said, when they were starting to develop breasts and starting to grow hips. That, unfournately, gets the old man horny. Horny enough to rape his own daughter and impregnanting her.
But the one that's sooo absurd--Tiga blames herself. Well, it isn't her fault that she was growing. But when she was raped, her father told her that she "flaunt" herself too much. Too much that her own father couldn't help but to rape her.
I wouldn't want that to happen to me.
However, back to the story, Walker is soo handsome!!! He's almost like Ren in some ways: Indingo blue eyes, black hair, golden skin and well toned. Well he has to execrise, because he's, like, Donovan International's bodyguard.
While Faith Donovan rocks with long and tall legs, blonde hair and misty eyes, and everything...they fall for each other.
Of course, when they realized that they loved each other was when Faith got in danger. But Walker wanted her as his lover, not wife until he nearly got killed by the mob guy who wants Faith. After that, he told Faith that he wanted to marry her.

The rating: WHOOOOAAAA 9!!!! Ya'll gonna love it!

Untamed by Elizabeth Lowell

WARNING: SPOILER ALERT. If you haven't read Untamed, then you're reading this at a risk.

WOOOOOOOWWWWW! So good, and it's so good to see a REAL man from the medieval era--not the one that authors tend to create, a glorious--

SHUT UP, Rannie.

The cover: eeeeeep! I looooooooooooooooove the cover, because it's so...real. Just real. I dunno why. :)

The story: Whoa. I love it. Now, I can continue what I was saying when I interrupted myself.
--ruler who is handsome, perfect, generous, thinks that women's equal, and stuffs like that. That's SO fake. But Dominic...Wow. He's even got the ugly nose that men used to have back then. (Even they do today, you can see that in Princes of Wales and men like that) He's got that ugly little moustache that was fad back then, and the oddest thing is that it makes me think that he's handsome. Because of what he is. Well, he's TOTALLY uneducated about women, of course, like men did back then, but after he realized that he truly cared for the lady that he'd married and refused to have sex with until she bleeds, so that he could be sure that she wasn't breeding with her stepcousin before she married him. Yeah, I know, whoa. The stupid thing is that Lady Margaret was STILL a virgin when she married Lord Dominic, but he refused to believe her until they ended up getting too hot in Lady Margaret's Gendruid (did I spell that right?) ancestors' sacred grounds.
Haha...losing her virginity in her ancestors' sacred grounds!! HAHAHA. Well, when Dominic realized that his "sword" was touching her barrier of innocence, he was like, "Oh, my God. All the time, I had to endure the agony to just find out that she's a VIRGIN!!!! Damn, I could've had enjoyed my wedding night!"
But, sorry, Dominic, you're too late! ROFL. At least, Margaret wasn't a whore like the whore you've rescued from Jersualem...did I get that right?...and adorned her with gold.
Well, I'll get you in for a secret: Dominic rescued her, all right, but he never had sex with her, even if he had hots for his wife and needed a relief, he still didn't come to Marie crying, "I need sex, sex, sex."
Howeverrrr, I love the story, because I'm like, "You're so stupid for doing that." at all times. But at least, the story is so reality-like than most of medieval trashy novels did. That's good, right?


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Innocent as Sin by Elizabeth Lowell

WARNING: SPOILER ALERT. If you haven't read Innocent as Sin by Elizabeth Lowell, then you're reading this at a risk. :))

WOWWWW!!!! Omg, omg, omg I love her books!!!

Okay, Rannie. Take a deep breath. Don't gush.

Anyway...the cover: The cover, very creepy and it tells me that it isn't just a romantic book, but also something else that I'd love. And guess what?!?!?! I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shut up, Rannie. Now, the story: Whoaaaaaaa. Kayla Shaw...a private banker...has three tattoos?!?! One on her breastbone, another on (as far as I know) her breast, another one at her hip. I mean, seriously. ON HER BOOBS?!?!? Kayla must be at her teens (to do that, she's got to be rebellious at that time) when she got them. But at least her man loves the tattoos. :) Anywayy, Rand McCree isn't a bad guy. In my opinion, anyway. As I know so far, he doesn't have any tattos, unlike with Kayla. And the plot story...I love the part when Rand and Kayla get protective about each's so romantic. At least, Kayla got a man who loves her so much that he would go in a battle shot in his right arm and trying to rescue Kayla from Bertone.
In fact, I doubt that those men who married hot girls would do for their ladies. Unless he really loved his lady. Or when he feels that he's got to prove to her family...anyway, who cares?
But my advice to you is to marry the person who loves you and you loves him/her back. If it is like that, then GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!! Don't wait until too late like Daphne did with Emmett in Switched at Birth on ABC Family!!!! Well, it's Daphne's loss, since Emmett had waited for her for, like, 8 years or something.
Howeverrrrrrr, the begninng was sooo boring!!! But it's worth it to read the fun parts. Simple to say, I love this book.

The RATING!!!: 8.5!!!!! Good book, and I'd love you guys to read it and reread it!! ROFL

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sorry....too lazy :(

Sowwy sowwy!!! I didn't mean to neglect you again :(

Actually, the school has just started and I'm having a jittery know that?? ROFL, well you'll know that if you've gone throuough high school...FML.

Howeverrrrrrrr. I'm not gonna review any books today, but if you have any books to suggest to me, EMAIL ME!!! is my blogspot email, and I'll always check on that email. :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Outsider by Diana Palmer

WARNING: SPOILER ALERT. If you haven't read Outsider, then you're reading this at a risk.

OMG!!! It's soooo romantic! I must admit, I enjoy Diana's books so much!

The cover: It's not bad, since Diana's books tend to have cowboys on them. So, I'm not going to comment on the cover.

The story: HAHA!! I love it! Seriously!! I mean, the girl, Bernadette, insulted her father about his lost arm, then called him a man-killer in Apache, and then she forgives him when he tries to be nice to her. So, she's a sweetie. Also she had an ability to prophese terrible things, and she's able to communicate with her father, Colby Lane, just like she phopheses.
Sarina?! FOUR SITCHES!!!! I'm surprised that she managed to love Colby, but then, she loved him already. And so did he. I must say that Sarina and Colby are meant for each other.
Diana somehow matches couples perfectly and seamlessly. So I love this!

The rating: 8, you should read it! :)