Thursday, August 18, 2011

Innocent as Sin by Elizabeth Lowell

WARNING: SPOILER ALERT. If you haven't read Innocent as Sin by Elizabeth Lowell, then you're reading this at a risk. :))

WOWWWW!!!! Omg, omg, omg I love her books!!!

Okay, Rannie. Take a deep breath. Don't gush.

Anyway...the cover: The cover, very creepy and it tells me that it isn't just a romantic book, but also something else that I'd love. And guess what?!?!?! I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shut up, Rannie. Now, the story: Whoaaaaaaa. Kayla Shaw...a private banker...has three tattoos?!?! One on her breastbone, another on (as far as I know) her breast, another one at her hip. I mean, seriously. ON HER BOOBS?!?!? Kayla must be at her teens (to do that, she's got to be rebellious at that time) when she got them. But at least her man loves the tattoos. :) Anywayy, Rand McCree isn't a bad guy. In my opinion, anyway. As I know so far, he doesn't have any tattos, unlike with Kayla. And the plot story...I love the part when Rand and Kayla get protective about each's so romantic. At least, Kayla got a man who loves her so much that he would go in a battle shot in his right arm and trying to rescue Kayla from Bertone.
In fact, I doubt that those men who married hot girls would do for their ladies. Unless he really loved his lady. Or when he feels that he's got to prove to her family...anyway, who cares?
But my advice to you is to marry the person who loves you and you loves him/her back. If it is like that, then GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!! Don't wait until too late like Daphne did with Emmett in Switched at Birth on ABC Family!!!! Well, it's Daphne's loss, since Emmett had waited for her for, like, 8 years or something.
Howeverrrrrrr, the begninng was sooo boring!!! But it's worth it to read the fun parts. Simple to say, I love this book.

The RATING!!!: 8.5!!!!! Good book, and I'd love you guys to read it and reread it!! ROFL

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