Friday, August 26, 2011

Untamed by Elizabeth Lowell

WARNING: SPOILER ALERT. If you haven't read Untamed, then you're reading this at a risk.

WOOOOOOOWWWWW! So good, and it's so good to see a REAL man from the medieval era--not the one that authors tend to create, a glorious--

SHUT UP, Rannie.

The cover: eeeeeep! I looooooooooooooooove the cover, because it's so...real. Just real. I dunno why. :)

The story: Whoa. I love it. Now, I can continue what I was saying when I interrupted myself.
--ruler who is handsome, perfect, generous, thinks that women's equal, and stuffs like that. That's SO fake. But Dominic...Wow. He's even got the ugly nose that men used to have back then. (Even they do today, you can see that in Princes of Wales and men like that) He's got that ugly little moustache that was fad back then, and the oddest thing is that it makes me think that he's handsome. Because of what he is. Well, he's TOTALLY uneducated about women, of course, like men did back then, but after he realized that he truly cared for the lady that he'd married and refused to have sex with until she bleeds, so that he could be sure that she wasn't breeding with her stepcousin before she married him. Yeah, I know, whoa. The stupid thing is that Lady Margaret was STILL a virgin when she married Lord Dominic, but he refused to believe her until they ended up getting too hot in Lady Margaret's Gendruid (did I spell that right?) ancestors' sacred grounds.
Haha...losing her virginity in her ancestors' sacred grounds!! HAHAHA. Well, when Dominic realized that his "sword" was touching her barrier of innocence, he was like, "Oh, my God. All the time, I had to endure the agony to just find out that she's a VIRGIN!!!! Damn, I could've had enjoyed my wedding night!"
But, sorry, Dominic, you're too late! ROFL. At least, Margaret wasn't a whore like the whore you've rescued from Jersualem...did I get that right?...and adorned her with gold.
Well, I'll get you in for a secret: Dominic rescued her, all right, but he never had sex with her, even if he had hots for his wife and needed a relief, he still didn't come to Marie crying, "I need sex, sex, sex."
Howeverrrr, I love the story, because I'm like, "You're so stupid for doing that." at all times. But at least, the story is so reality-like than most of medieval trashy novels did. That's good, right?


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