Friday, August 26, 2011

Midnight in the Ruby Bayou by Elizabeth Lowell

WARNING! SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't read Midnight in Ruby Bayou, then you're reading this at a risk.

The cover: That's soooo romantic!! Reddish tint, marsh areas with a large oak (or a weepy willow?) tree. WHOOOOOA. When I first saw it, I thought, "Damn, I'm going to ENJOY it."
And...News flash of the day? I did. :)

The Story: Tad boring in the begninng, but I endured it to reach the most fun of all--the chase and the "awakening of their love for each other" (this wasn't in the book, I just added the quotes to say that ROFL)
But I feel especially sorry for Tiga, who was raped by her own father and bore a daughter. She became insane when she got raped by him. And the guy--he's soooo perverted. He liked the girls when they were "budding," like the book said, when they were starting to develop breasts and starting to grow hips. That, unfournately, gets the old man horny. Horny enough to rape his own daughter and impregnanting her.
But the one that's sooo absurd--Tiga blames herself. Well, it isn't her fault that she was growing. But when she was raped, her father told her that she "flaunt" herself too much. Too much that her own father couldn't help but to rape her.
I wouldn't want that to happen to me.
However, back to the story, Walker is soo handsome!!! He's almost like Ren in some ways: Indingo blue eyes, black hair, golden skin and well toned. Well he has to execrise, because he's, like, Donovan International's bodyguard.
While Faith Donovan rocks with long and tall legs, blonde hair and misty eyes, and everything...they fall for each other.
Of course, when they realized that they loved each other was when Faith got in danger. But Walker wanted her as his lover, not wife until he nearly got killed by the mob guy who wants Faith. After that, he told Faith that he wanted to marry her.

The rating: WHOOOOAAAA 9!!!! Ya'll gonna love it!

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