Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick

WARNING: SPOILER ALERT. If you haven't read Crescendo, then you should read it before reading this. If you haven't, then you're reading this at a risk.

Oh, my gosh. This sequel is out of the control. Break up with Patch, and everything. Some things I would do the same, but some things I wouldn't have done. However, let's start reviewing!

The cover: OMG I LOVE THE SYMBOLISM OF THE COVER. Rain=tears, or sadness. This story is definitely sad. A feather that Nora's dropping= breaking up with Patch. And look at the girl's face. What did she look like? Yes, sad. It's very symbolic. So I love the cover. It suits with the story plot of this sequel.

The story: What's wrong with Nora?!?! I mean, she broke up with Patch, crying over him at almost all times, and she's flirting with Scott. Seriously. I admit, I would do the same thing. But. Oh, well, never mind! And Nora, PLEASE stop putting yourself in danger. I know that she's doing it so that she could be saved by Patch, but...doesn't she have a lick of sense? And the thing with Scott--I don't know about him, I think that if I knew him, I would get it over with, sneak around in his home and find out about him and leave. And the splat that Nora had with Scott--I would have just gotten the knife and threatened him. More likely take a stab at him, but I think that what Nora did was better than what I would have done. If I did what I said that I did, it's a guarantee that I'd get killed before Rixon and Vee gotten there.
And, Rixon, seriously?!?! I always thought him as a good guy, and at the ending, I must say that Becca did a good job of keeping Rixon in the shadow. And the memory that Nora'd discovered from Rixon--I never suspected about that Rixon had to be there to see the memory. I just thought, 'Oh, crap. Patch is the criminal--whoa, wait! Rixon?!?!' So, I congraulate Becca on shocking me to my early grave.
And the cliffhanger!! This one got a CLIFFHANGER!!! I'm superexcited about the cliffhanger. I love cliffhangers, it makes me want to scream. I wonder what happened next? Can't wait...

Overall rating: 9.5, this story keeps on getting better and better as I read on. Silence, you'd better not disappoint me...

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