Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

WARNING: SPOILER ALERT. There's going to be some spoilers, if you haven't read Hush, Hush, then read this at a risk.

I love it. Simply love it. Something about the book makes me love it. It makes sense, because it's about fallen angels, and I'm starting to be attracted to fallen angels or angels recently. It seems to me like I'm starting to read all books that's about angels. LOL. Anyway, since I love it, I'm gonna tell you guys why I love it.

The cover: OMG OMG!! I'm like, "Oooh, I'm going to love it!" when  I saw the cover. I mean, the cover has a very strong symbolism; and since I love dark colors, it has black and gray in there. So I'm loving it. When I saw it at my friend's house, I immediately begged her to loan it to me. The cover said it all. There's going to be angels and fallen angels. There's going to be romance in there. There's going to be blood and feuds. and many things like that. Oh, and it said that you'll love it.
The way the cover showed was bizarre. I wouldn't have thought of it, and that showed unqiueness.

The story: It's a must read. When I read it, I'm like, "Oh! I'm not going to read anymore. No, no I'll not read it! No! No!" and then I'll close it for a second and open it and continue. When I finished, I was silent. With happiness, too, but also shocked.
I mean, what's going to happen? I wanna more!!! LOL
I loved the ending, when they both kissed happily. That's a good ending. I'm disappointed about one thing, though. No cliffhanger.
The mind trick thing?!?! I mean, that's TOTALLY freaky! I don't wanna that happen to me! I would have felt violated if that happened to me.
If I had a guy like Patch, I would have loved him immediately. But Nora was right to suspect him. I mean, he's mysterious and hot and all, but what's inside him? Who is he exactly? I would do the same thing Nora did. So I'm on Nora's side.

Overall rating: A MUST READ!! 9 on the scale 1-10. I guarantee that you'll love it. :)

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