Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Sorry!!!!! I didn't mean to neglect this for sooo long!!

The thing is, I've been so busy going to a camp in New York. Actually, it's in a college. Rochester Institute of Technology. The camp was called TechGirlz, and I built my own computer! It was sooooooo awesome, and I'll never look at desktop computers the same again. -.- I just realized how I had overworked my computer so much, and it still works for me!!! I think computers as human now and forever and ever.

In fact, I suspect that computers will take over the world someday in the future--if we're not careful enough. Yeah, don't believe me, but  I do think so. :) But it probably won't happen during I'm alive--probably my great-great grandchildren, that is.

But don't tell anyone this, but I'm hoping that it'll happen soon--at least, I'll know the outcome--will the humans die and become extinct? Or will the humans overcome the technology (I think that's impossible) and save the world?

Hopefully, the humans are going to die, and so are the computers and technologies, too. At least, we'll give Earth a chance to regain her strength and start over. But no humans this time. :) LOL

However, the camp was more than one week, and I had to endure a flight problem when an attendant forgot that I was deaf, and I was sitting in front of her. She's so dumb. No offense, but I feel so ripped off. I've explained carefully to her that I'm deaf, I CAN'T hear her call for my number, and I'm going to sit in that seat. She nodded, and I rechecked to make sure that she still remembered. She did, and when I went back to read a bit, the next thing I realize was that it was 1 pm and my flight was 12:30 pm. So I asked her where my flight was. She fumbled over for several minutes, and finally admitted to me that she had forgotten all about me. I MISSED MY PRECIOUS FLIGHT BACK TO HOME!!!!!! Thankfully, they rebooked me for free and...

Oh, golly, how I wish that I could forget about that! They brought me to a SPECIAL SERVICES room!!!! I mean, I'm not that needy. All I needed was someone to escort me to my next flight's gate and drop me off. I'll kill two hours there, not in the special services room with teens who looked like they did drugs, or partied hard the night before. Or with people who can't walk or are having a serious nervous breakdown as they're sitting down. It's so freaky.

You'd think that it was freaky, too, because I'm normal and all, and then I'm immediately placed in the "special" area. At least, I get tram to the next gate! I didn't have to walk at all! :) But what sucked was that the security people (they all ABSOLUTELY don't have a lick of fashion sense) looked at me pityingly. Like I was attacked by thousands of cobra snakes and survived it just barely.

Yeah, I'm that "weak." Not. That was sarcasm, FYI.

However, I'm going to review several books today--and all are by Diana Palmer. Let's give it to DIIIIIAAAANAAAA PAAAAALLLLMMMMMEEEEEER!

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